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PREFABULOUS Company specialized in 100% wood, prefabricated, modular buildings.

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PREFABULOUS is a 100% wood, modular, standardized and prefabricated building system based on a single sized module of 2X4 meters that can be assembled together to compose buildings after the customers needs. Those places can be modified later on by adding new modules to expand them, change their volumes or relocate them.
Their size allow them to fit into shipping containers so they can be shipped globally conveniently and economically. PREFABULOUS does the whole process, from design to production and installation.
We also offer a sustainable solution as our product allow buildings to evolve and change without generating ANY construction waste.
Also, we have our proprietary mobile application, allowing potential customers to design and visualize their buildings themselves. It still a prototype and needs a lot more development. It is free and available on Google Play.
PREFABULOUS has developped 2 other products also: A Pop’up Store module and a TEEPEE module.

Sectors Construction, Construction and manufacturing
Location Tunis, Tunisia
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