PreDiagn A digital healthcare solution that brings new model in diagnostic care



Since diagnostic service influence majority of healthcare decisions, the problem of access to laboratory testing other than when sick, together with affordability that make such vital component of medical care elusive are challenges faced by many. In essence, many are conditioned to reactionary ‘sick-care’, not because they want to, but because ready access to info on diagnostic tests and its invaluable use in the care for their health, as well as means of accessing them beyond a Doctor’s referral are what is lacking and causing the entrenched attitude of not seeking proactive, preventive ‘health care’ among the populace.

Aside this, many diagnostic laboratories are not able to leverage on tech revolution to deliver efficient, value-based service to their clients because the current laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are expensive to deploy, requiring huge investment in infrastructure, hence paper operations persist in the sector.

This PreDiagn seeks to address inventively, creating value adds not only for diagnostic care providers but also for users of medical laboratory for a happier, healthier, and longer life.

PreDiagn as a PaaS laboratory workflow management platform helps laboratories deliver value based services such as e-Reporting for their users, creates for them access to online on-demand for laboratory testing on-the-go, and provide an operations dashboard with which to gain key insights on their business.

Stage Unknown EST May 2016
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