Precision AgroDrones Driving Agricultural Performance with Drone Technology

Several challenges have been identified to be the cause of the plight of thousands of smallholders in Africa. According to The United Nations 2013 report, Africa crop production stood at $200 billion and farmers lose over a third of their crop production due to these challenges.
Smallholder farmers continue to face comparatively low yields and incomes with major challenges stemming from pest/disease attacks and relatively high cost of production.
Drone technology continues to gain much needed attention and as such, provides varied solutions in the agriculture sector.
Precision AgroDrones is startup company based in Ghana that offers drone technology as a service in the agricultural sector. With a passionate team determined to use drone technology to solve the major challenges in the agricultural sector, the company offers two major services to farmers;
• Drone spraying as a service
• Soil & Crop Diagnostics – monitoring and health assessment

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Culture agricole, Drones (drones)
Emplacement Accra, Ghana
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