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Precious Jewel Integrated Livestock Farm The farm is into piggery.

Pork is the highest consumed meat in the world and accounts for 48% of global meat consumption. The story is same in Nigeria and the entire Africa. There is acute shortage of pig supply in Benue State where I reside and over 90% of pigs consume in the state is sourced from other states. Nigeria and Ghana’s combined annual pig import is 3 billion dollars. The factors of pig production are abundant in Benue State and Nigeria and market enormous. Government policy is highly inform of agricultural production and I am highly motivated to key into economy diversification via agricultural production. I started with four large white piglet(3 females and 1 male) in October 31st 2018, one the gilt will farrow in a 30 days from now, while the other two gilts will farrow in about 3 months. I intend to grow the number of herd, sell both piglets and matured pigs, and open up meat shops where well prepared package pork will be sold. I also intend to supply pork to hotels, restaurants, eateries etc.

Sectors Animal farming, Fish farming
Location Makurdi, Nigeria
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