PRA (Product Related to Agricultural sector) From banana waste to biodegradable packaging


Our team is made up of people who want to see a pleasant and holy environment, who want to facilitate access to biodegradable packaging for global packaging users.
Team consists of person with skills in
* Designer and Communication with more than 3 years of experience in field;
* Network and telecommunication engineer with 7 years of experience with skills in farming/agricultural transformation/ Leadership and entrepreneurship ;
* Person with skills in biochemistry environment, entrepreneurship
* Person with skills in Human and Financial Resource Management;
* Person with tax abilities and communication.
In addition, we emphasize dynamism in work, transparency and faith of team in their potential to be the change they want to see in the world. Having experience in what we do, coupled with our love and determination for it, our specific concern about young and rural women empowering, are key elements that differentiate us from all other project of the same kind.