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Powering Young Initiatives Eco-Inclusive Development Enterprise and Social Innovation

My intervention targets young people of all socio-economic backgrounds. In the short-term, the primary target group can be described as general youth who possess enough spending power (from the middle-income, higher-income and upper-lower income brackets) and have the habit of frequenting cafés for entertainment and social interaction.These youth are
mainly in the urban centers.
It is a conscious decision to target this class of community because, as the ones with spending power, they are also at the root of many of the problems contributing to climate change. They are the most prolific consumers and polluters. Wealthier urbanites consume in excess and produce waste at a ratio that tilts the scales in disfavour of the poorer sections of society. On a daily basis they consume more energy, gas, food and natural resources such as water and, reversely, they produce more waste (solid, liquid) and pollution which contributes to increased green house gases and carbon in in the atmosphere.

Sectors Environmental services
Location Zambia
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