PortableVoices Creatives Spreading Knowledge through Narratives

Audio entertainment is under explored as medium of information sharing and spreading knowledge. The shift has been on video entertainment because of its ability to capture attention longer while relaxing, however, in most situations, the videos are heavy, hence occupy large spaces on mobile phones when downloaded, and in some occasions like long distance travels for example, hiking, long hour drives, high energy training and practice sessions; it is normally difficulty close to impossible to maintain the viewing attention.

Conversely, with high quality interactive audio programming, PortableVoices Creatives have an opportunity to entertain the missing out audiences, through personalized listening experiences and online distribution.

PortableVoices Creatives is a podcasting and audiobook production company. PortableVoices Creatives produces high quality free-to-air weekly podcast series and sell on-demand digital audiobooks, and subscription based long

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, Education
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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