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Pocket Cyber Cafe Internet, Rural broadband, University, Library, Research, Data Access

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Pocket Cyber Cafe: Internet for education is an innovative Business project that aims to increase access to information in the rural area by deploying Wi-Fi hotspot within universities and whole city of Bunia. The Democratic Republic of Congo counts as of today 82M people but only 3 Million people have access to Internet. Among them, students from universities who cannot access online data, scholarly publications, research papers and online resources to enhance their academic performances.
This hamper on their educational development because most school in the Democratic Republic of Congo do not own libraries making it impossible for students to access data or read books. Pocket Cyber Cafe: Internet for Education is bridging that gap by bring Internet in schools to help advance and improve the educational outcome by making educational contents available and accessible.

SectorsEducational services, ICT, Information technology
LocationCongo, Democratic Republic of the
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