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Plenteous (PTY) LTD Smart Vegetable Fresh Produce

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Our Innovation is focused on vegetable production which will contribute towards food production for Botswana. This will help create job opportunities for specialized trained unemployed youth who will be hired to work in a commercial farm setting. Our goal is to produced local vegetables which are mostly imported from neighbouring countries and this will be delivered to the local open market and food stores as fresh and quality vegetables. The vegetables will be farmed in a controlled greenhouse to fully maximize production and yield. The greenhouse technology will support our production to be always on throughout the year on winter and summer since the technology will provide a controlled environment for vegetable production. We look for to produce a lot of vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce and other greeny vegetables. Botswana is challenged by food security so we want to bring new methods of smart agriculture which will lead to having agriculture creating decent work and food.

Sectors Crop farming
Location Botswana
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