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Playfre Africa's Largest Music Streaming Platform



Here’s everything you need to know about Playfre.

Playfre is a music streaming platform that lets you play over 45 million songs for free without compromising that awesome music experience you love so much.

Why Playfre?
Spotify and many other big music streaming platforms have not yet opened their doors to most African countries because of the weak intellectual property laws in these parts of the world, thus making these awesome apps with million of songs unavailable to the African demographic.

Those who have opened their doors to us, still charge monthly to stream unlimited music.

Because of this, We embarked on developing what will become Africa’s first real answer to Spotify, that will bring the over 45 million songs on Spotify to Africans at no charge, with the same Spotify music experience…

Playfre enables music listeners in those countries without access to Spotify still enjoy the millions of songs for free!

so why playfre?
the real question should be, “why

Sectors Music
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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