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Plastale Seeing opportunity in plastic waste to improve lives

Plastale sees opportunity in unemployed youth and plastic waste in rural areas to create standardized small scale factories supported by optimized workflow and innovative machine designs we make to produce carefully cleaned/dried/sorted PET, HDPE (Mixed colors), PP (White) plastic flakes, to be sold fiber/fiber glass factories and we aim to reach food-grade quality. Our model also uses distributive decentralized supply chain model, using our 2nd category product which is the smart bin. Another product we develop is Plastic Natural Fiber Composite tiles to build roof tops for residents in rural areas, which are produced by the unemployed youth in those areas. The tiles are well insulated, easily assembled, water proof and light weight, making them a good replacement for wood in those areas whose price has been increasing and leading to great natural disasters like the recent Amazon fires. Tiles are sold to NGOs, residents using recurring model and construction companies.

Sectors Clean technology, Construction, Waste management and recycling
Location Cairo, Egypt
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