Pixza Pixza is a social empowerment platform disguised as a pizzeria

Pixza is a social empowerment platform disguised as pizzería.

As a pizzería, Pixza created the world’s first blue-corn pizza made out of 100% Mexican ingredients and offers a unique and innovative culinary experience. As a social empowerment platform, it is dedicated to achieving the sustainable inclusion of young adults with a social abandonment profile through a multidimensional empowerment program that drives them to achieve 5 objectives in 18 months:

1. Ensure and maintain formal employment at Pixza, with a health, nutrition and professional growth program in order to become a branch leader
2. Develop socio-emotional skills
3. Establish and implement a personal and professional life plan
4. Ensure and maintain independent housing
5. Take tailored educational, practical and professional courses

SectorsFood and beverage
LocationMexico City, Mexico
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