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Ever tried to get from point A to B in an area where there is no road? Or vehicles?
I once did try and realizing that I am not getting anywhere, I have embarked on creating a road and the necessary infrastructure.
I had an idea of a TV show that would have been a good idea but for lack of a way to get my idea out there to a TV exec or a production house, my idea remained just that and later someone else who knew their way around the murky waters of the Kenyan television industry was able to put it out there and get it to production and broadcasting.
This should be a thing of the past. In today’s information age, accessibility should not be an issue and everyone should have an opportunity to be heard and to showcase their ideas. Herein comes Pilot TV….a way to get from point A to B….

With the coming of digital signal and the Kenyan Government directive for more local content on tv stations, there is a wide arena for writers and producers to come up with exciting and entertaining new shows. However, the media landscape does not avail a meeting place for independent producers and tv executives to meet and strike deals on programming and many budding producers have had to leave their scripts and treatments at receptions and many get lost/are never seen/and some are stolen.

PilotTv has a 2 pronged approach: First it will enable viewers to share experiences as they watch shows & review shows thus availing data that would drive decision making in the industry. It will also be a repository for new & creative tv ideas bringing producers & show creators together (a sort of market place for tv show ideas) and also a resource centre for all things tv shows related.
There is no such of forum in the market with people opting to discuss shows with their friends on whatsapp, twitter etc. This will open up the space to share with more people outside one’s social circle and also opportunities to interact more with the stars and producers of the shows whilst giving suggestions on how to improve the shows etc. This will be via an app through which one can set reminders for show timings to self and others. The idea here is more interaction with tv shows and the people behind them for more entertainment value.
The ideas vault will hopefully bring fresh show ideas onto the scene that will make for more vibrant tv viewing experiences. Get more players into the game and change things up a bit. There are a lot of ideas out there and one thing missing is an opportunity to showcase the ideas. We propose to have regular pitching contests where favourite ideas will be lapped up for possible production. This is to invigorate new blood into the industry and open up avenues for career progression and growth for budding creators and take the industry a notch higher.

Pilot tv will be an arena where pilots for upcoming shows are showcased, ideas exchanged, deals struck, and also for viewers to give opinions on what shows they like, what they would like to see more of etc…

Stage Unknown EST November 2015
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