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Pigeon Parcel P.P. A platform to connect shippers & shoppers with travelers making profit

Pigeon Parcel P.P.

Pigeon Parcel P.P.

Pigeon Parcel provides a platform for shippers to post their requested shipments to be delivered from and to them by travelers looping.

For Shoppers we provide a one stop shop for online shopping overseas which gives the opportunity for shoppers to get whatever whenever wherever they want and allow online startups and online stores to showcase their products in-app and on our website.

The Travelers in our business model are our partners where we provide them cash depending on the kilos delivered with a certain pricing strategy where they take 80 % of the amounts and we get 20%, at the same time we provide vouchers, hotel stays and tour guidance during their trip and other offers.
We guarantee safety of the shoppers by letting the travelers purchase the item for the shoppers and upon delivery we redeem the money plus the rewards to the traveler which should be confirmed by both parties.

Secteurs Transport personnel, Transports et logistique, Commerce de gros
Emplacement Al Ain, Émirats Arabes Unis
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