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Pickmeup Technologies Inc. Building an ecosystem of digital services, starting with mobility.

Pickmeup Technologies Inc.

Pickmeup Technologies Inc.

Pickmeup is merging everyday personal needs into a digital platform for emerging markets, starting with mobility.

Emerging markets lack a scalable solution for mobility. Sub-Saharan Africa population is growing at 2.7% a year. Infrastructure planning cannot keep up with population growth. Current taxi solutions are inefficient, fares are opaque, driver information and backgrounds are unclear, presenting safety problems. Inefficiency makes fares high, making it out of reach for most users.

We take an innovative approach to solving mobility challenges by providing a safe and affordable on-demand mode of transport with higher compensation for drivers, making driver earnings strong and lowering our cost of supply acquisition while increasing retention.

Long-term, we are going to be much bigger than a rideshare platform by providing a one-stop shop for users to be able to commute, eat, deliver packages, and pay for daily essentials through one Pickmeup app.

Secteurs Transport personnel, Solutions Smart city, Transports et logistique
Emplacement Delta, Nigeria
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