PhroTech Practical Wisdom in Action to Alleviate Poverty and Illiteracy.

Namibian based Edtech Startup that is the first in the country to create digitized community development programs in low to middle income communities which focus adult literacy and
upskilling. This is a platform to be used as a guide for future leaders and change agents where they can improve their own lives as well as that of their communities. This platform encourages service users to be trainers and experts after graduating from the programs that they took part in and use this as a development opportunity. My business has potential because it the the first of its kind offer offline and online services aimed at long term and sustainable results. My startup helps prepare service users for job readiness and entrepreneurship skills that are accredited to enable them to study further or create their own businesses. The main aim is to target hard to reach people who may be overlooked in the community and country as whole. The overlooked are the ones who were majorly affected by Covid19.

SectorsEducation, Educational products, Educational services
LocationMinneapolis, Namibia
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