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Phil E-commerce

Phil is a customer-driven online marketplace that applies learning intelligence to certain traits and characteristics of the buyer allowing him to personalise his product feeds. This will minimise search time, influence purchasing power and ascertain the particular product(s) he is willing and able to buy at the point of sale.

So in essence, our platform will for instance, afford a web-developer; about to purchase a laptop, the opportunity to personalise his feeds according to the perculiarities of his trade/interests at the point of sale.

Nigeria’s e-commerce is valued at over $12 billion at a growth ratio of over 5%. A US-based study show that when US online platforms optimised their websites, they made an extra $260 billion annually. Again in 2017, roughly 75.6% of online platfroms in US witnessed abandoned carts owing to traditional ways of product display.

Our business is different in that it will pique buyer interest using optimised target traits to dominate this mar

Sectors E-commerce
Location Enugu, Nigeria
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