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PEYA Reducing Youth Unemployment In Sub-Saharan Africa Through Changing Mindsets And  Through Entrepreneurial Mentorship

My intervention is about “Reducing Youth Unemployment Through Fostering Mindset-Change And Entrepreneurship Among The Youth In Africa. My first intervention is going to be implemented in Malawi”. This intervention has a specificity and a uniqueness in instating on: “Reducing Youth Unemployment In Africa Through Fostering Mindset-Change And Through Promoting, Critical Thinking, Taking Ownership, Entrepreneurial-Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset among Unemployed Youth In Africa”. I am interested in being part of VCA4Africa because as a new organization I need to secure funding so that I can be able to bring this initiative to life. I am here to call investors to invest in entrepreneurial ventures of unemployed young people in Africa that our organization is offering entrepreneurial mentorship to as a way to help them and encourage them to get out of unemployment and poverty altogether and to support also our initiative.

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Location Toronto, Canada
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