Pesewa Websoft We help local businesses grow through the use of technological tools.

The conventional way of doing business will not be successful in this technology era. Businesses will need to adopt technological tools to succeed in the current market. Computer software makes work faster and easier and will help businesses execute tasks fast and efficiently. Our product Pesewa Shop, a financial management software helps small business owners manage their inventory and business finances. It combines an easy-to-use, step-by-step interface full of guidance, help, and glossaries, with a powerful business analysis model, complete financial analysis, and a very strong cash flow analysis tool. It is cloud-based so there is a reduction in loss of data This will give businesses a better understanding of their customers and market and also adjust their business to suit customer satisfaction. Business owners pay a monthly subscription of $5 to use this product. (

Stage Startup stage EST May 2018
Sectors Computer software, Software as a Service
Location Sunyani, Ghana
Markets Africa
Customer model B2C
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