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Permatree Superfoods S.A. Export plant based foods as added value SUPERFOODS with triple impact

As social-enterprise we see our goal to enhance sustainable development by transforming the territory by creating a social, economic and environmental IMPACT in Ecuador.

We create added value PLANT BASED SUPERFOODS from Banana, Turmeric and Ginger powder, Soursop and Guayusa leaf teas, by exporting it to the EU or US market. Focused on the highest quality regarding beneficial properties for the well-being.

For this we are currently building own Dehydration-Processing-Plant for Fruits, Seeds and Vegetables, generating added value to the local raw material directly in the production area/territory. HACCP Certification. The Processing-Plant (size 1000 m2) is built on the side with the superfoods-showroom and coffee-shop which works also as coworking-space.

We work directly with 400 small scale farming families (sustainable agroforestry) who benefit of 300% more income and training, technical assistance, health care, pension plans. Direct beneficiaries 2’000. Indirect 50’000.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Culture agricole, Production alimentaire
Emplacement Yantzaza, Équateur
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