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PepTos Production, Storage and Distribution of fresh tomatoes and pepper.

Nigeria’s importation of tomatoes paste is put at 1.5 million metric tonnes annually, despite been rated 13th largest producer of tomatoes, the major problems identified been lack of storage facility and insufficient supply for processing into paste by indigenious firms.
PepTos is offering a solution, that provides values to the farmers, processor and the economy, our business model is to produce, store and distribute fresh tomatoes to processing firms, open market and exporters.
The anual demand for both fresh and paste tomatoes is valued at $2.8 billion anually, this model gives us leverage over both market. With a net profit of $22,733 in the first year and $4,450,975 in the fifth year, requiring 3 rounds of funding valued at $1,548,980.
The management team is made up of seasoned and experienced farmer, financial expert and Engineer, with 20years working experience. A careful study and analysis of the market makes our model proof to inevitably lead to success, what do you think

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Food production
LocationAkure, Nigeria
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