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People utility token PUT Actualization of crypto Economy Independence

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People utility token PUT

People utility token PUT

People utility token PUT is a BEP-20 token deployed on binance smart chain.

The first crypto project set to give and return power to it’s source which is humanity(People) deploying what we call liberalization or decentralization of Crypto financial system.

Put is designed to be a multi chain cryptocurrency project but currently deployed on binance smart chain with the view of migrating the token to its own Blockchain in the future.

PUT will be a community driven token, that give power to the people and meant to bridge the gap between people and cryptocurrency ecosystem and by extension global financial institutions.

The People utility token(PUT) is a crypto project designed to provide day-to-day utilities to its users and a viable medium of exchange, store of value, and a tool for making secure and low-cost transactions for people worldwide.

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SectorsBlockchain, Real estate, Retail and wholesale
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