PEBL Versatile, energy efficient hardware that promotes tech gorgeousness!

The PEBL ethos is to deliver versatile, energy efficient and quality computer hardware solutions, which offer an integrated user-experience; providing seamless contemporary convenience for the modern, digitally savvy African consumer. PEBL aims to become synonymous with the new African culture; rising up with them as a household brand, which delivers access to information through provision of the creative products that meet their unique needs.
PEBL is building the next evolution of computers. Combining design and technology, we are creating experiences in the home and business environments that promote human wellbeing and tech gorgeousness.
There is yet to be a product, which would harness the power of the Microsoft operating system but at the affordability and adaptability of the PEBL, with a product and brand experience that Africans can be part of. This is our niche and where we see potential exponential market growth.

LocationWindhoek, Namibia
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