Peakframe Studio Peakframe studios is an animation and visual effects studio

Animation has been used as a very important tool of communication in other parts of the world from America to England, China, Japan etc. It has been deployed in films, adverts, manuals, education etc. Its impacts cut across various industries. Our target population is the entire African market beginning from the Nollywood industry and we expect to grow big enough to push our content to the world-wide audience. We aim to create the biggest and best studio on the African Continent that will one day compete on the global stage with companies like Pixar and Dreamworks and Peakframe aims to show Nigeria and Africa as a whole in the light the world is yet to see by showing and celebrating our culture and teaching Nigerians about Nigeria thereby fostering stronger nationhood and improving the way our country is seen by the world. We aim to create indigenous Tv shows, cartoons and movies that will be world class and show on a world stage.

StageGrowth stage EST May 2017
SectorsFilm production, Media production
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
Customer modelGovernments (B2G)
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