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Powerstove Energy is a clean-energy advocate and focused company that designs, manufactures and distributes Powerstove, a low-cost, clean cookstove that is 100% smokeless, uses 70% less biomass to cook foods 5x faster than traditional stoves while generating 50 watts of electricity for the user’s household. The Company also produces Goodlife Pellets, a Premium Refuse-Derived Fuel which costs 60% lower than firewood and 80% cheaper than charcoal and cook foods twice longer than any available biomass fuel. Hence saving each Powerstove user $300 annually, giving the chance for many users (poor users) to pay school fees, start a business, pay health-related costs or simply save for a rainy day.

Powerstove is the first clean cookstove to be fitted with IoT cloud-based remote system to monitor in real time a single day of cooking, the amount of Co2 and biomass saved, Black Carbon prevented and total electricity generated. Powerstove users also receive cash payments for their measured use during cooking and can enjoy Pay-As-You-Cook financing; PowerStove pays for itself within 2 ½ months.

Powerstove has won over a dozen awards, recognition; and funding including Engie Energy Startup of the Year in Morocco, DEMOAfrica 2017 ATF Impact Award in South Africa, 2018 GIST.I Tech, GIZ-TEF $10,000, Cisco Global Problem Solver 2018 US$25,000 Second Runner up etc. The company has open $1,150,000 Series A Funding to scale-up in Nigeria and Rwanda

StageGrowth stage EST August 2018
SectorsClean technology, Manufacturing, Renewable energy
MarketsGhana, Nigeria, Rwanda
Customer modelB2B2C
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