Peacelul food Peace stars with your diet

I run my small ethical vegan business which includes 2 shops, cafe, bakery and production.
We cook and produce healthy food based on my knowledge in food science, herbalism and carefully chosen unique recipes. Most of our products are whole food, gluten free, sugar free, environmentally friendly, without chemicals, some of them raw vegan without artificial processing, for some of them we use only local products.
Our products are healthy althernatives for traditional diet which helps people to become healthier, reduce the risk of different diseases and change the perception of food.
As a disabled person I have got my own impressive experience how healthy vegan diet can significantly improove the quality of life and health condition, which serves as the inspiration for many people and our clients.
I’ve been working in this area for more than 10 years and my first tiny vegan shop was a pioneer in Russia.
Nowdays vegan businesses demonstate steadily increasing around the world.

Sectors Food production
Location Volgograd, Russian Federation
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