Paylot Gateway to Blockchain Payments

Paylot enables everybody collect payments from anywhere around the world in a faster, cheaper and more efficient way using the blockchain.
We have deployed solutions to enable customers pay merchants with different forms of cryptocurrencies for goods and services which makes payments cheaper and faster for both parties. In turn, we settle these merchants instantly into their direct bank accounts in the local currency f their choice.
Thereby we are making it possible to businesses to sell cross-border without having to partner with multiple Payment Service Providers as cryptocurrencies are borderless forms of money.
We also break the barriers of distance and time by reducing settlement time for cross-border transactions to same minute thereby increasing the velocity of business transactions and trust between geographically separated persons.
We have cut down charges over 1000% to 0.5% per transaction saving more money for merchants.

Secteurs Blockchain, Fintech, Traitement des paiements en ligne
Emplacement Enugu, Nigeria
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