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Clear problem or opportunity
– PROBLEM: Fake luxury items and brands. Unsatisfied customers due to delays, loss, wrong items and unsecured online platform. Costly and variable pricing for same items and services.
– SOLUTION: Creation of online luxury industry in Africa. We list all upscale items and services, take care of the payment and deliver respective goods or services within 24hrs.

Target Customers
– High Net Individuals and Large entities.

Target Users
– Ages range from 38 to 74 years. Both Male and Female.

Market Size
– $6.1 Billion.

Value Proposition
– Apart from creating a fusion of luxury E-commerce and E-services. We strive to digitize the African luxury industry with latest advancements in technology to add value to user experience with our 360 degree imaging – future plan include AR and VR. Get all your luxury wants and needs from here.

Revenue Model
– Sales commission charges.
– Delivery charges.
– Subscription model to avail on-demand E-comm

SectorsCars, Furniture, Luxury goods and jewelry
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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