Pasea Techsolutions Limited Lecture Attendance is Stressful, We Just Simplified it

Nigeria requires 70% attendance for a student to graduate. Today, attendance is done manually and not only is time consuming but is rife with opportunity for cheating (other students simply writing in their friends’ names), lost records and an inefficient use of time that could be used to teach students what they need to learn. Pastecs which is a mobile app takes attendance using mobile devices and no lost records.

Pastecs was started by people who noticed mandatory attendance was taking too much time, inefficient and far too easy to scam by using creative methods by unscrupulous students.

With a drive for innovation, founded on the love of education and integrity,
Pastecs has developed a 21st century solution for an age-old problem that simply needed to be solved.

Our vision is to make the 600 million attendance records taken every year easy to manage, easy to access and 100% accurate so that teachers, parents and school board know that attendance standards have been m

Sectors Education, Internet, Mobile
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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