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Parcelle Logistics

Parcel it is a hyper-local ondemand logistics company and we love what we do. Our goal is to create a last-mile solution that is honest, efficient and seamless, a solution that is both convenient and reliable. We have and continue to test and validate new solutions that allow a more effective logistics cycle, and an all-round delivery solution available to those who need them, whenever and wherever they need them.

We have cumulative experience of over 8 years in the ecommerce space and have strategic alliances and partnerships to enable our 24/7 work-week promise is kept. We have designed a solution based on our core beliefs that processes and collaboration should be as fun and exciting as the end result, so we created a fun user experience.

Parcel-it is a mobile phone application: where users request and progressively monitor delivery orders, in very simple steps, which creates value by Providing e-retailers Electronic Data Interchange software to manage their deliveries in efficient ways, Speedy deliveries, Authenticity of riders, Insurance cover, short waiting time and can be scaled.