Paoma Ltd

At Paoma we are focused on bringing the best solutions to aid you to increase your productivity. As such we have developed 3 major axes of activity and are constantly evolving, refining our offer in order to bring our clients greater satisfaction.

Technical Services: All of our projects and services are built on a solid foundation of technical excellence. As an Apple Authorised Service Centre we are able to offer a full range of services from simple device repairs, extended warranties and standard upgrades to customized support contracts, replacement machine services and custom support training for support professionals.

Consulting | Integration | Custom Projects: Paoma has a team dedicated to custom projects, our experience includes video and audio media management projects, SAN development, system architecture, professional video production systems, custom app development and archiving to name but a few. See our key projects page for some projects we are proud of.

Hospitality Solutions: Along with several key partners such as Iris Hospitality Solutions and Reyner Media, Paoma is well positioned to provide elegant, cutting edge Mac-based solutions for the hospitality sector. From developing and rolling out in-house food and beverage apps to installing fully integrated Valet systems Paoma can provide a complete range of Hospitality solutions to meet your company’s digital needs.