Palmark Syndicate Palmark is a food processing company, we proces tomato powder for now.

Nigeria’s agricultural productivity is declining largely because 40-50% of agricultural products like tomatoes produced in nigeria is lost due to poor handling, processing and preservation practices. To help farmers curtail such losses, Palmark syndicate started as a processing company that adds value to agricultural products. We are already into processing of powdered tomatoes.
Tomatoes market in Nigeria is estimated at about $700 million annually (fresh, paste and powder) and tomato powder is not in the market because no company is into it.
Powdered tomatoes in Nigeria is a new product in the Nigerian market, once it penetrates the market we have potential of generating huge revenue, we have the ability to farm our raw materials because we are farmers and Palmark is our patent.

Secteurs Culture agricole, Aliments et boissons, Production alimentaire
Emplacement Borno, Nigeria
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