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Paletteform Make That Change

Cover image of Paletteform, Artificial intelligence venture on VC4A

Turning traditional offices extra space into co-working space for socio economic good

Paletteform (Business-to-be) working on Share Economy Business Model in the climate resilient areas of Pakistan & Rest of the World

During these hard times, we’re working on a B2B prototype to share extra space in your traditional offices to make them flexible co-working for socio-economic good.

our startup empower existing businesses offices in this global pandemic to share and monetize their spaces to become financially sustainable on every end of the month to pay their bills.

as most of the startups mostly start with new office which cost them 100k to 50k monthly and it’s so much hard for an entrepreneur to pay in the start of the business so this startup is solving their problem to get a new office everyday instantly by paying less than PKR 500 per day or even for an hour price starting from PKR 20/- upto PKR 70/- depends on the services clients want from shared spaces of traditio

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Business services, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Kotri, Pakistan
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