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Buying & selling food online in Zimbabwe (& Africa) is a complex & inefficient process. Rising internet access over the last 10 years & more recently the Covid-19 crisis has seen an increase in the number of people trying to buy & sell food online. Lacking a platform to do so, people & businesses are using social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook & twitter to facilitate these transactions. Chikafu simplifies & standardizes the process by providing users with a dedicated freemium SaaS platform for buying & selling food. Users that sign up get instant access to tailor made & contextually relevant functionalities that facilitate efficient trade. The platform is built from the ground up with the sole purpose of facilitating trade in the food sector. To achieve this, Chikafu integrates & combines the best concepts from Social Media, Search Engines & SaaS platforms in a way that is relevant to solving the challenges faced in the food s

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Big data, Retail and wholesale, Software as a Service
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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