Pace Recovery Centre (Pty) Ltd Addiction is not a choice; Sobriety is

Pace Recovery Centre (Pty) Ltd

Pace Recovery Centre (Pty) Ltd

PRC Recovery Centre is a registered addiction rehabilitation centre that specializes in the treatment of substance abuse addictions. Our focus is not merely on “not using”, but includes spiritual, emotional, intellectual growth and physical well-being. Our individually tailored therapy based programmes are designed to examine and include the many different approaches to the treatment of addiction.

Locally, nationally and internationally people are affected by substance abuse addictions. We are situated in the scenic Lowveld town of Sabie, Mpumalanga, South Africa on a 5ha property with great potential for further expansion and our vision is to also expand into the treatment of youth and teen related addictions providing both adult and youth inpatient treatment.

Our aim to spend more on local and international marketing and to development our centre into a therapeutic recovery community.

Stage Unknown EST October 2017
SectorsHealthcare providers and services
LocationSabie, South Africa
MarketsSouth Africa
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