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PAAT SOIL CLINIC I run a mobile soil clinic aimed at improving soil productivity.

PAAT SOIL CLINIC is a legally registered social enterprise with a mission to improve household income among the small holder farmers.

We deliver on-site soil testing service to farmers, our service is accessible, efficient, eco-friendly and provides in 10 minutes.

Unlike other service providers who are research focused and expensive, our service cost only $8.4, 40% Lower than the current market cost of $14, enabling farmers to allocate the saved $5.6 to purchase of fertilisers.

PAAT target is to support 5millon small holder farmers in Uganda and 45million more across Africa.

To achieve this, PAAT shall leverage it’s existing network of farmer groups across the country and existing partnership’s with NGO’s like SOILCARES foundation.

To date PAAT has signed 5 partnership’s and trained 23 farmer groups which translates into 690 farmers of which 52% are women.

Support PAAT to ensure, Healthy soils, Healthy plant’s and high yield within the small holder

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Crop farming
LocationWakiso, Uganda
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