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Oxygen Farms and Feeds (Oxygen Global Inv. LTD) OXYGEN FEED MILL INDUSTRY

Oxygen Feeds is designed to check the challenges livestock farms, especially fish and poultry farmers face in terms of feed accessibility, cost effectiveness and quality.
The multiplier effect of this project is to meet the increasing demand for finished fish and poultry feed, increased food production in Nigeria.
Oxygen Farms and Feeds potential investment in Ibadan, Oyo State would support jobs for skilled and unskilled workers at, and around, the processing site, as well as develop local agricultural production in the area. The farm model would enable farmers to increase their incomes by providing access to training, crop imputes, machinery and the ability to sell their crop to the mill at a fair and transparent price. The establishment of the feed mill and farms would also bring improvements and investment to local farmers which would also benefit the local community.
Oxygen Feeds / Farms will be committed to the communities where it lives and works.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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