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Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Funding African Businesses for Growth

Solving Africa’s problem of “access to capital” is futile if the business ecosystem is underdeveloped. Ovamba has created business tools and risk algorithms that are specifically attuned to Africa by language, ethnicity and nuance. Our target customers are the informal and formal businesses in the trade and commodities sectors. We service them with short term capital for growth and use our proprietary risk management innovations to measure risk. Our natural language chatbots encourage financial inclusion and allow us to deliver business training. We raise capital from around the world and fund the businesses who apply for capital from us using our app “Ovamba Plus”. Instead of giving the capital directly to customers, we buy, custom clear and import the goods on behalf of the customer, and provide flexible warehousing space to hold the goods, and the customer then buys the inventory back from us over a period of time.

Sectors Agribusiness, Financial services
Location Chevy Chase, United States of America
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