Outfit Nigeria tailoring fashion with tecnology

OUTFIT is a FashionTech startup that helps to drive fashion with technology.

We discovered the disappointments and problems client face with their
designers in making their cloths/outfit. Client find ways of expressing such
anger online (facebook, instagram and also telling it out to their friends).

This is what we discovered over the years and putting our best together to put
a smile on people face. We also discovered that there’s a gap between the
designer and the new technology the world uses in driving businesses.

As a result of this, Marketing their skills to the world has been so poor and
not effective. Also they are other ways of relating to a customer than what
they are used to. All this been said has been carefully researched and observed,

OUTFIT NIGERIA is bringing a topnotch solution in helping small skilled
businesses grow and putting a smile on their customers and giving them
a chance to express their creativity in what they wear.

Stage Unknown EST March 2018
Sectors Artificial intelligence, Fashion, ICT
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
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