OTRIKAINA For a Sweet Long Life

OTRIKAINA is a company that fights child malnutrition in Madagascar and we produce green banana-based boiled balls in different sizes and accessible to the majority of Malagasy households.
We work with specialized shops and with small grocery stores. We also sell on social networks and offer delivery services for those who cannot travel.
We are child foods clean, healthy and without chemicals or preservatives.
Its neutral taste allows parents to adapt the taste according to that of their children.
We are going to sell gluten-free banana flour for consumption in pastry, a substitute for ordinary flour.
We’re looking at expanding our market because demand is huge, the big market and the idea can even be exploited throughout Africa. We’re fighting, we’re proud to have started from scratch, and we’re going to continue to thrive and inspire the game

Sectores Producción alimentaria, Fabricación
Ubicación Antananarivo, Madagascar
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