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ORI Rides (U) Limited Anywhere, Everywhere

ORI Rides is an app-powered, on-demand transportation service provider accessed via smartphones. We provide a comprehensive range of transport services to the Ugandan market ( and beyond) including personal transport via boda boda and taxi cabs, ambulances, vehicle rentals, and goods delivery. Our current focus is on developing the personal transport offerings while the foundation is laid for additional services.
Our competitor’s business models are user centric with a focus on providing the cheapest option for the user whereas our business model is driver centric. We believe a lower commission charge on the rides fulfilled through our platform will put more money into the driver’s pockets on a per ride basis. This will enable us to attract and retain drivers on our platform to match growing demand from riders. It will also promote a higher level of commitment, pride and professionalism among the drivers, leading in turn to more consistently high ratings from riders and end users.

Secteurs Commerce électronique, Transport personnel, Transports et logistique
Emplacement Kampala, Ouganda
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