Organic Treasures Limited Nature's Edible Treasures

Until recently when mushrooms, snails are being commercially grown, mushrooms and related products were sourced from the wild and for people who love them and are conscious about eating right, the low shelf –life of these edible treasures is a real concern though an opportunity to be explored for health, profit and fun. Additionally, trade and demand for quality food; fresh & dry novel food products (mushrooms, snails, and fruit snacks) has gained importance in recent years due to the global shift towards healthy eating/ vegetarian food. Organic Treasures Limited (OTL) has taken advantage of this opportunity to make it remarkably easy for increasing consumers with changes in lifestyle to pay only for food that is quality, functional and free from synthetic chemicals. We are in a uniquely positioned to create a recognized brand and a globally recognized style of meeting this new trend in food demand with a blend of quality in convenient forms with minimal seasonality issues.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage, Food production
LocationAwoshie, Ghana
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