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Onyx Rooms a branded network of hotel rooms in Egypt, offering standardized stay experiences at an unmatched price. We partner with budgeted hotels, take number of their rooms and standardize them by and enhance the quality to become the best network of hotels. Then we list all our rooms in our web platform so guests can easily book their rooms with us and guarantee all the expectation of our standards in many different locations and hotels.  

Standardized rooms mean’s that they all get to be with AC, Wifi, Clean linen, TV, Coffee break and many aspects of 4&5 stars hotels. Either the guest is booking in any hotel we are partnered with, he will still get a standardized, and affordable room.

 It’s hard to get a decent stay if you are staying in a 2 or less stars hotel, business men, travels, and people who will have a night away from their homes tend to stay in those hotels, but most of those hotels do not provide good room for staying, rooms that are not clean, dirty beds, AC not working and etc…. So most of people try to avoid booking at small hotels, leads them in booking in a much expensive hotels just to get a decent night staying.

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