OniriQ We develop Smart Solar Home Systems for African off-grid populations



We design and manufacture the next generation of Solar Home Systems (SHS) for African Off-grid Populations.

Our differentiation relies on :
– Product : our SHS embed a high-speed connection to internet for rural families, thanks to an exclusive partnership with a Telecom operator
– Technologies : innovative battery management system (Patented : +50% lifetime) & energy-efficiency (MPPT algorithm Patented / +20% autonomy for end users). Our products are “pay-as-you-go”, working along with PaygOps Saas platform from SOLARIS Off-Grid (3rd global editor)
– Manufacturing : we manufacture and recycle our products in Senegal

Our business model is to sell our products in B2B2C with a monthly fee on internet subscriptions sold to rural families.

We have signed 2 partnerships with worldwide corporates in the sector of energy in Senegal with a traction of 100 k€ for 2018 and forecasts of 1,4 M€ (2019).

Our ambition is to impact the life of 1 million African rural people in 5 years (150 k products).