One Kiosk Africa Limited Redefining a sustainable E-commerce business model for Africa

One Kiosk Africa is redefining the E-commerce space and empowering communities. One Kiosk Africa seeks to redefine the E-commerce retail market by improving efficiency using technology to ensure deliver is within 20-59 minutes, open new market and creating more jobs for youths).
So Ade is on a business trip to Lekki, Lagos, he forgot his tooth brush at home and needs one delivered to him. He picks up the One Kiosk App and type in Brush, he selects color and type , makes payment on the platform. The nearest merchant within a 1-2km radius around his location (Lekki) is matched to him to deliver the brush according to the specification. On the other hand, Musa is having a busy day at work. Its already 2pm and he is hungry. Typically if he orders from the regular stores, it might take about an hour or two to get to him. He picks up the one kiosk App, places an order for his favorite and the nearest merchant within a 1-2km is assigned to deliver same within 20-59 minutes.