Oma Footwear Makers of Simple and Elegant Male Outing Footwears Just for You


Our team is made up of our founder Mr Mark Omasomoso, a joint shareholder in the person of Miss Rachel Igbori, two direct workers (Mr Kojo Godspower and Miss Beauty Sylvanus). We have two Marketers who depends on our products and we do our best to work with them in making sure our products are readily available at their request. We are working on expanding our reach to further spread our products and make more jobs available to as many as possible.


  • Kojo Godspower
    Kojo Godspower
    CPO | Secondary school
  • Beauty Sylvanus
    Beauty Sylvanus
    CPO | College
  • Rachel Igbori
    Rachel Igbori
    Investor | College
  • Mark Omasomoso
    Mark Omasomoso
    CEO, Founder, Investor | College