OLATEJU FOODS We are into manufacturing of food and beverages .

We manufacture the easiest, fastest and tastiest tomato stew paste stew anyone can cook and eat in less than 10munite .

Our potential customers working class people and university students who dont have anough time and strength to go through the process of the cooking tomato paste stew due to thier busy schedules.

In West Africa basically tomato paste is used in addition to other milled Vegetables to cooking 2 major foods ( jollof rice and tomato stew) , without this tomato paste is almost not useful.

Our product PRE-STEW is a combination of all the necessary vegatbles needed for making of tomato paste stew and the jollof rice ,with no need to buy additional tomato paste ,it milled ,half cooked ,preserved and packed , so all our customers need do is to heat their cooking oil and pour in a portion of our PRE-STEW and it ready to eat in ten minutes.

We have created a complete pack that needs no addition of tomato paste ,

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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