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Oktopus Technologies Optimising crop yield with data science

Soil health data is a key driver in a grower’s irrigating and fertilising decisions in the context of precision farming.

Problem for the grower? Traditional methods show a time-lag in receiving soil health data.
This means inaccuracy in decision making, meaning sub-optimal fertigation mix, and thus in sub-optimal yield.

Enter Oktopus, a South African agri-tech start-up providing real time data & analytics on soil health. Wireless “tentacles” are placed into the soil, detecting vital readings at different depths including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK), temperature, moisture and light levels, coupled with data collection to depict actionable analyses for the grower.

The real-time, actionable data allows the grower to enhance decision making in order to optimise yield (output) and fertigation mix (input).

Oktopus has partnered with a handful of commercial farms for effective development, and will earn revenue from sale of its products / data from its pl

Sectors Agritech, Big data, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
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