OkHi A digital addressing system for emerging markets.

Problem: half of the world does not have proper addressing systems, affecting 4 billion people and costing businesses $200bn a year.

Market: there are two market segments – verification (financial services, market places) and mobility (ecommerce, ride hailing, food delivery and courier services)

Solution: our technology reduces address verification from 8 weeks to 7 days, from $5, to $1; it improves mobility with 100% to-the-door accuracy.

Traction: in Kenya, we have 305,000+ addresses and we’ve powered 475,000 address verifications and deliveries for our 161,000 registered users.

Business model: we charge businesses on a transaction model: $0.10 per mobility address use and $1 per verification.

Revenue Forecast: revenues estimated to reach $23mn in 2022 (93% gross margin), driven by partnerships with banking platforms.

Team: we have Silicon Valley level expertise – our CEO was at Google for 7 years where he developed and launched Google Maps across EMEA.

Stage Unknown EST July 2014
Sectors Banking, Fintech, Insurance
Location Nairobi, United Kingdom
Markets Kenya, Nigeria
Customer model B2B2B, B2B2C, Governments (B2G)
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