Oil Recycling Africa B.V. Start to clean-up Africa - Stop waste oil poluting the soil

Oil Recycling Africa is participating in the environmental sustainability of Africa. This is a neccesary cause. At this moment most of the waste oil is dumped into the soil. Environmental pollution in Africa is a fact and so it is time that we find a long-term solution. As a first action we’ve recently started collecting waste oil in Togo at local industry and garage holders. By recycling waste oil, value is added to the product. Therefore collecting (and not dumping oil) pays off. A great win-win situation: Local industry and garage holders get a good prize for there oil and we stop the pollution in Africa.

Beside the most important environmental reasons, local industry can grow, jobs are created en local economies are stimulated.

SectorsWaste management and recycling
LocationLome, Togo
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